Restaurant in Viehhofen

Specialties and Traditional food

On our mountain inn we serve best traditional dishes and regional specialties.
Enjoy our freshly prepared food.

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Hecherhuette Viehhofen Essen
Speisen Hecherhuette


  • min. 300g fillet of beef
  • with potato en papillote
  • beans with bacon
  • Peaches with cranberries
  • Side dishes: green pepper, mushroom and grilled onions


  • Bourgignone Style
  • with much salat
  • different sauces
  • garlic bread
  • and fries


Recommendation of the host
after a good meal


The grand finale
the popular & infamous Hecherfeuer

The chefs of the mountain inn Hecherhütte

Koch Hecherhuette
Koch Terasse